BinarySweetSpot 5 – Binary Options indicator for FREE

Are you interested in having the best possible indicator for binary options?

The indicator BinarySweetSpot 5 work both on web based brokers and even better on Metatrader MT4 based brokers. It’s easy to understand and comes with a great instructions pdf.

So, what’s different from other indicators?

BinarySweetSpot 5 is programmed by a trader with many aspects in mind and is a result of many years of trading and testing. It gives signals when it’s a good opportunity to make a trade and takes news, markets opening and closing and more different things in mind so no signals comes when it is likely to go wrong. The signal even marks where on the candle it came. This is it dear traders! This is it.

What does it cost?

The retail price for BinarySweetSpot 5 is $349 USD but you can get it for free! Sign up with either HighLow or Binary.com and you will get our indicator for life. You will even get free updates as long as you are using your account. Please note that BinarySweetSpot 5 is very attractive on the market and therefore we need to lock it to one of your live or demo accounts at any MT4-broker. 

If you rather just want to buy BinarySweetSpot 5 we will give you a 35% discount using this coupon [SPRING2018] without the brackets. Click here to get to the product.

Can you trust these brokers?

We ONLY recommend brokers who we trust and use ourselfs. We do have two more brokers on our Trusted Brokers page but right now you will get BinarySweetSpot 5 FOR LIFE when signing up with HighLow or Binary.com. Just click on the banner to get to the signup page. After signing up please get back to us via email at trusted.brokers@binarysweetspot.com and let us know. You can also use the form below.


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  1. Post

    Hi there!

    The only way this works is when a user sign up with one of the brokers with a new account. If you already are signed up with Binary.com you cannot do it twice. I can recommend buying the indicator instead because the price is now $15 instead of $349. Go HERE.

    Best regards,
    Jonas Persson

  2. Hi i need put my id of binary.com here.
    you will affiliate my account to you?
    please explain

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