Happy New Binary Year!

New version of AutoTrader next year

We here at BinarySweetSpot.com want to wish you all a Happy New Year with hopes of an even better income 2018.

After we removed our software from our webshop there has been many worried traders who thought that their beloved BinarySweetSpot is dying.

That is not the case and there WILL be some new interesting features in the next version of BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader.
So many features that we will call it BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader 2.0.

Hope we will see you all next year!

Staff at BinarySweetSpot.com

We hear you!

Due to heavy demand we will continue to sell both BinarySweetSpot 5 and BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader. However, both will be unlimited meaning there will be no time limit. You will also have infinite support and updates to every new version that will be published of both BinarySweetSpot (indicator) and BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader.

We sincerely apologize to all of you that have been upset that we were going to discontinue selling our software. We think however that you will find this new offer very attractive.

Best regards from all of BinarySweetSpot staff
including myself Jonas Persson

Next sunday sales will end

For the first time ever we will stop new sales of BinarySweetSpot 5 and BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader. This is the last chance for you to buy if you want the indicator without signing up with one of our trusted brokers. Next Sunday will be that last day to get hold of our software.

Why you may ask. Well, it has been a hard decision. It’s a combination of that we don’t want your money and that we don’t want to give it away for free. Sure, if you are a hardcore trader you easily earn back the initial sum that you payed us but there are so many of you that don’t want to pay a fortune on a software that you actually don’t know yet if it works. The best compromise is that we guide you to a broker that doesn’t scam you and pay you even if you earn more than you deposit. And as long as you are using that great broker you will have free access to our indicator BinarySweetSpot 5. If you are interested in our EA BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader, the only way to get that is to sign up with GDMfx. Ok, if you already have an account you can buy it but only after we have checked that you have a live account with GDMfx.

If you are interested to be one of the last that get hold of BinarySweetSpot 5 without time limitation and / or want to buy the AutoTrader, please hurry up and make your purchase in our shop.


If you trust one (or more) of the recommended brokers, please click on banner below. You will get the software as soon as we can confirm your new account.

9 – 10 November Examples

Had some maintenance on our server and it resulted in minor delay on publishing the signals from thursday and friday.

Did you know that you can have this indicator and pay nothing for it? Start a new account with one of the best brokers on the market and you will get BinarySweetSpot 5 totally free as long as you are using your new account. We only recommend brokers who actually pay their customers without questions. If you ever bump into any trouble you can turn to us and we will do our best to sort it out.


Here are the signals from thursday and friday:

8 November Examples

Wouldn’t you want this indicator for you Binary Options trades?

7 November examples

If you havent realized it yet, now is the time to do so; we are showing ALL signals. Not only the winning ones. With this amount of winning signals we do not need to hide any bad ones 🙂


Examples from November 6

These are the signals from today. Many incredible signals don’t you think!


30 – 31 October examples

Here are some examples from yesterday and today. Some good, some bad. Remember always follow all rules, and you will be successful! Don’t take a signal as a “must buy”. You need to look at the whole picture.