Something new is lurking around

Hey guys and girls!

I just want to give you a small teaser that we are developing the new version of BinarySweetSpot. Please remember that you WILL get new versions for free as long as you have an ongoing subscription or if you are using the indicator via one of our broker partners.

Stay tuned 🙂

Direct FX is no longer a Trusted Broker

Dear traders and customers,

It has come to our attention that DirectFX has ceased offering binary options trading. Therefor we can no longer continue working with them. We have tried to reach out to DirectFX but got no answer back.

Please accept our apologies about this and we hope that you can use one of our other trusted brokers.



Start a new account with and make the minimum deposit and you will get free access to BinarySweetSpot 4 as long as you are using it on your new account.

HighLow has a variety of options of making trades. Both very short (30 sec) and very long (a day) and everything in between. Very nice webpage and easy to understand layout.

GDM Start a new account with GDM FX and make the minimum deposit and you will get free access to BinarySweetSpot 4 as long as you are using it on your new account. You can trade Binary Options directly within Metatrader with this broker! Fast withdrawals and no questions asked.
marketsworld1year Start a new account with MarketsWorld and deposit 200 USD (or more) and you will get 1  year* free usage with BinarySweetSpot 4. Very fast withdrawals and no questions asked.

* You need to use MarketsWorld to make trades to be able to get full usage of the whole 1 year.

New Trusted Broker – DirectFX


We are now proud to present our new Trusted Broker DirectFX. This will be the last broker in a time who will be represented on our page of Trusted Brokers.

Remember that we ONLY deal with brokers who we know are treating their customers right and if you ever encounter any problem we can probably be of assistance because we have good connections with all of our brokers.

You will have free access to our indicator BinarySweetSpot 4 (or newer) as long as you are using your registered account with any of our brokers.

Visit our page Trusted Brokers and click on DirectFX (or the broker you prefer) and you will be up and running in no time 🙂



Get back some of your trading revenue when opening an account at any of our Trusted Brokers! This way everybody wins. If you already have an account via us, just open a “KB” account at our site and we will put the right amount on your account.

Get over to our Trusted Brokers and get going TODAY!

Our New Trusted Broker – HighLow


Ok, there might be more trusted brokers out there so after a recommendation we tried out HighLow for a while. They are a web based broker with a different layout and it takes a couple of minutes to understand but it is really fun to play around with the demo they have and it is really many different kind of setups you can make. Does it suit BinarySweetSpot 4? Absolutely! We really like it and can recommend HighLow.

Start a new account at HighLow and get BinarySweetSpot 4 for free as long as you are using the account! Just click on the banner and get going.

The BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader is trying to get back its reputation :) Update 24 March

The BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader had a rough start when we launched it live on Myfxbook and actually played out the initial deposit of $100. Since then it has recovered more than half of the money and is currently up at $164 ($200 total deposit).

Yesterday it made 3-1 and 4-0 today. Didn’t think this trade would go through though but it was saved in the last minute 🙂




Update 22 march:

Yey, we have finally more winnings than losses 🙂  Balance is now $172 with a total win-ratio of 8-1 this week (89% ITM). Hope it keeps going the right direction. Should we withdraw the extra $100 or let it stay? Please leave your comment below.


Update 24 march:

We have always had Fridays totally blocked for trades and I guess it was wrong move to let trades be done in this setup. So, now I have fixed the settings to block trades on Fridays between 15 to 23 GTM and ALSO raised the stakes to $50. Hopefully we will have one ITM before block will be turned on today. So far we have 0-2 today 🙁 so account is at $158 at this moment.


Tracking the results from our EA BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader


So, we started an account at “MyFXbook” to be able to show you real results from our Expert Advisor for Binary Options “BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader”. Sadly it started with 1-2 yesterday and today it have made 1-0 so far BUT SOMEHOW Metatrader decided to make a reboot and that damn Autotrader was off…  Well, you have the picture of the trade anyhow 🙂 Not that bad trade huh..


Please follow the results at: MyFXbook.

Get 10 days of BinarySweetSpot 4 for free!


Ever wondered what indicator is the best for Binary Options? Search no more! BinarySweetSpot 4 is loved by many traders and if you know how to stay cool when making trades then this is the holy grail for you. If you use the same stake every trade you will slowly, depending of your stakes of course, see your account grow and you will finally get more from the broker than you deposit.

What you need to do to get 10 days for free with BinarySweetSpot 4? Click here and just like and share it and we will send you the indicator!

Offer is valid until the end of February.

Start a new account at our partner GDMfx and secure future use of BinarySweetSpot 4. You will get free updates as they come and you also get included in competitions that we run now and then. is a Sweden based organisation and we have many years of experience in the Forex market. The founder, Jonas, got tired of seeing all these scammers that sell indicators that looks good on a screenshot but doesn’t behave good at all when trading live.

Heard about repainting indicators? That is when a “signal” doesn’t stop at the spot it alerted, instead it moves the signal until it is at the best location for that particular candle. If it is a bad signal it even disappears. Total SCAM! Well, BinarySweetSpot is never repainting and even let you know WHERE on the candle the signal came. Just wonderful and it is impossible to lie doing screenshots.

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Results of December 2016 competition



Our competition in December 2016 is over and all trades have been counted. It has taken longer than expected because you were so many 🙂 This is a presentation of the four winners.



83 % winning ratio
78 % winning ratio
Great Britain
71 % winning ratio
Total of 686 trades


All winners have been notified and are most grateful 🙂 Great to see a girl in the lead! Keep up the good work everybody!


It’s not too late!



It it not too late to win this competition. So far there are none who have made a better score than 71% ITM! So what are you waiting for? Just start an account with GDMfx via us and you´re on your way! Deposit what ever sum you want and make the best possible trades you have ever done in December. Make at least 100 trades and you are in the competition. The one who makes most wins against losses will win US$5.000!



Read more about the competition here!