9 – 10 November Examples

Had some maintenance on our server and it resulted in minor delay on publishing the signals from thursday and friday.

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Here are the signals from thursday and friday:

8 November Examples

Wouldn’t you want this indicator for you Binary Options trades?

7 November examples

If you havent realized it yet, now is the time to do so; we are showing ALL signals. Not only the winning ones. With this amount of winning signals we do not need to hide any bad ones 🙂


Examples from November 6

These are the signals from today. Many incredible signals don’t you think!


30 – 31 October examples

Here are some examples from yesterday and today. Some good, some bad. Remember always follow all rules, and you will be successful! Don’t take a signal as a “must buy”. You need to look at the whole picture.

Never forget to start your MT4

So, I didn’t have time to look trough the signals yesterday and instead was thinking on write about both monday and tuesday today, but just realized that I restarted the server on saturday and Metatrader doesn’t start by it self, so….  sadly I don’t have any signals to show you so far. And tomorrow I am going to Stockholm and will not be back until sunday.

I will try to make some posting tomorrow though 🙂 Hope to see you here!

Happy trading!

Jonas Persson


18 October examples

As I wrote in yesterdays blog, we are now only going for the signals that are within all rules. So far it has only been one signal that had no bad indication.


17 October examples

From tomorrow I will turn off signals that are outside the rules. Also have lowered the settings so there will be more ordinary rules. Why am I doing this? There are a reason that there are rules. If you also want the signals outside the rules you need to be more experienced. Signals inside rules are easier to read.

But today you will see both signals. There hasn’t been any SweetSpot signals today.