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When a signal arrives it is important not to rush but look where it can be a good opportunity to make a trade with best possible positive outcome. As you can see in the picture a signal – outside the rules – came at the big green candle. Next candle hit two lines and, yes, it did make a short return …

Examples from today’s GBPUSD

Hi guys, I just want to share a picture from the GBPUSD chart this morning. I will never stop loving this indicator 🙂

Good example when NOT take a trade

Here we got a signal but we are not in a green zone. As you can see at the left, it is a big breakout upwards and now the price probably wont settle before getting down again into the green zone.

Just a great example

Couldn’t stay away from trading today. This is a great example of trading on ordinary signal. Signal comes. Wait for it to hit next line (or balance right next to it). Make a trade.

Trading without signal

After awhile you will get more comfortable with our software and will take trades even when there is no signal. In this case we can’t be sure if there really was a signal because it was news time and we have signals switched off at that period. Can you see why we took the trade? We made a CALL on …

Example of SweetSpot

Here we have a nice PUT that we took at the candle where SweetSpot signal went off. We have good previous resistance so with one ordinary signal on previous candle and the SweetSpot signal on this candle there is not much choice. Made a PUT with a strong ITM.  

Working on next beta

We are working on a beta that gives very few signals but hopefully is VERY accurate. This is a picture of GOLD. Both ordinary signal and SweetSpot signal went off at almost the same time. Great PUT!  

Nice trade!

As we have said earlier, when both the ordinary signal and the SweetSpot comes about the same time, the chances for an ITM it high. This one also was in red zone and hit a line (round number).

When signal comes in Waterfall

This is a good example what to do when a signal comes when the price is in Waterfall (three or more candles before signal is heading in the same direction). As you can see there is no definitive resistance just where the signal went off, also there is not a good idea to take trades on ordinary signals when i …

Great trade with SweetSpot

Here we have a good example of a great trade. The price turned out to be in zone and hit a line (green fibonacci) and both ordinary signal (red line on candle) and SweetSpot (yellow line on candle) gave signal of a PUT.