Change of strategy – Everyone can afford BinarySweetSpot


It’s totally insane, we know! has been on the market for five years this year! How can we possibly celebrate this you wonder. We at have been summoned on several meetings and finally we have come with the conclusion that we want everyone to be able to afford trying and continuing using BinarySweetSpot 5 (or newer).

From this day, 21 March 2018, we will never charge more than $15 USD for BinarySweetSpot 5 (or newer version of our Binary Options indicator). This means that you will have the full unlimited version of BinarySweetSpot 5 for only $15. FOR LIFE! No time limit what so ever.

Is that enough? Nooooooo!!!  We are giving back money to all that has purchased BinarySweetSpot 5 as late as November 2017. You will all get a refund so the total cost do no exceed $15 USD. Are we crazy? No, we feel that no one should feel sorry and feel that they made a purchase in the wrong time.

So now is the time to test the best possible indicator for Binary Options. BinarySweetSpot 5 has been developed under 5 years and is up at version 5. We have many satisfied customers who probably will state their happiness in the comments below 🙂

Jump directly to the product via this link or picture below.

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