BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader is an automatic system, a so called Expert Advisor, for Binary Options. We are up at version 1.4 now with better signals than ever. The signals are based on our indicator BinarySweetSpot and uses the same code for determine when signals will arrive and when to avoid signals. Even if the visual differs from BinarySweetSpot it has it all built in but is also tweaked to better function for automatic trades. The AutoTrader tries to make the best possible trades and this results in very few signals/trades, so have that in mind. It is about 7-20 signals per week if using all assets. The winning percentage has been about 65-80% so far.

Please note that the only broker we know working for 5 minutes expire is GDMfx. If you not already have an account, start one with our link and get our indicator BinarySweetSpot 4 totally free of charge.




Please read our Disclaimer before purchase!

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Please allow up to 12 hours for us to send you the indicator
specified for your trading account. 

After your purchase we need to know your account number in Metatrader to be able to lock the EA to your account. Please use this form:

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Download the Instructions first if you want to be
prepared before your purchase. Just click here to get the latest version.

The EA needs to be run on Metatrader 4 and at a broker who allows trading directly inside the chart in MT4. We are using GDMfx for our 5 minutes trades.

Please be aware of that demo accounts does not behave the same way as Live accounts, probably because of too high latency on demo-servers. BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader is best used on good internet connections. Please check the latency in Metatrader. It needs to be as low as possible. Use the best possible VPS if you cannot use you home computer.

BinarySweetSpot has a been working for over two years and has been updated to perfection in the version 3. We have many happy customers that find our indicator very useful, though many are looking for a good automatic system that can make trades without letting the human emotions destroy a good ITM. Now you can let BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader do the work for you and all you need to see is a slowly growing account. Yes, slowly, because it’s never good to make big stakes when trading with a small account, but after your account has grown you can let BinarySweetSpot EA make bigger trades.

Remember that it is ALWAYS better to make the decision yourself if you can manage it. If you are a hardcore Binary Options trader, we suggest that you use our manual trading software BinarySweetSpot. Although BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader is tweaked to make the best possible trades you need to switch off the EA if you think it only drains your account.



These are the assets we are using (at the moment):




This is some of the built in features of BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader:

Stakes based on percentage of account:

You can decide if you want the EA to make trades with a fixed amount or a specified percentage of your account, for example 5% which is commonly used in Binary Options.

Time Block:

We have noticed that there are periods that are not that good using autotrading, so it is possible to block signals between certain hours. As default we have blocked signals between 22:00 to 07:00 GMT.

Block at a certain day:

Beside our ordinary Time Block we also have included an extra block that you can use at a certain day. We have found out that Fridays are bad trading day for our EA, so as default we are blocking the whole day between 00:00 to 24:00.

News and market open and close:

We have included the same function that we use in our indicator and blocking signals when news are released and markets are opening and closing.


This is a new feature that we also will include in our indicator in next version. When the EA is noticing that maybe a waterfall is beginning to form, the signals will be blocked.

OTM stopper:

Well, it is impossible to stop all losses but this feature will stop new signals to arrive in a preset amount of hours if / when an OTM occur. The default setting is 12 hours but you can change this in the settings.

One trade at a time:

This feature will try to stop several signals at the same time. If there is an ongoing trade a new signal will be stopped. Sadly it is impossible to stop signals to occur just seconds after the first but this will help prevent many OTMs in a row.


Please make sure that your Binary broker accepts Expert Advisors.

We are using GDM FX for our 5 minute expire trades. Use the links below if you like to register a new live account.