Question: If this software is so good, why are you not holding it to yourself and if you want others to have it, why not offer it for free?

Answer: First of all, we know there are many many Binary Options traders that suffers from bad brokers and bad strategies. We want others to have same fortune as we have. Second, as we stated on the front page, we can’t let everybody have this indicator. That would affect brokers and to avoid bankruptcy they will make adjustments of their algorithms or something else to destroy BinarySweetSpots signals.


Question: Why not sell the software as a one-time-buy instead of selling it with a time limit?

Answer: We need to have control over how many are using BinarySweetSpot. The time limit is there for a reason.


Question: Why can’t I test the software for free?

Answer: We think that if you don’t buy a software, you do not read the manual seriously and you don’t give it enough time to show what it can do.


Question: You are calling it a subscription. Are you gonna charge me when my purchased period is about to expiry?

Answer: No we do not make another charge. You need to make another purchase your self when the period is about to expiry. We will however send you a reminder when the time is near.


Question: So, I pay with my credit-card at your site. Is it secure?

Answer: We use a high quality payment processor driven by Stripe.com. The payment is done on their secure server and none of your credit-card information is stored on our site. Please read more about their security here: stripe.com/help/security


Question: I installed it and let Metatrader do it’s thing but I haven’t got any signals after my computer went to sleep mode. Why?

Answer: As all other programs/applications Metatrader need the computer to be awake and running. Please  make the necessary adjustments to let the computer never go to sleep by it’s own.


Question: How many are you at BinarySweetSpot and where are you located?

Answer: We are one coder, one analytic and one administrator at the moment. Oh, and we have this guy who owns the company but all he does is letting us do the hard work 🙂 He hasn’t a clue about trading. We also have a bunch of free beta testers who helps us testing new versions. Head office is located in the beautiful Sweden. The background picture is actually taken outside our building.


Question: How long are the trades?

Answer: BinarySweetSpot is created with the timeframe M5 in mind. That means that each candle in Metatrader is 5 minutes. The broker we use offers trades with the expire 5 minutes after on going candle. So, if you make a trade at 1:14 pm it will expire at 1:20 pm. You can use longer timeframes but in that case adjustments needs to be done. You can do these adjustments yourself. From version 2.0 it’s possible to make 30 minutes trades with our famous SweetSpot-signal.


Question: I am used to have Moving Averages and wait for the trend to turn. Is it useful in BinarySweetSpot?

Answer: No, it is not. BinarySweetSpot use very short time for trades and MA:s aren’t fast enough to show the turn.


Question: Is it some currency pairs that is better to trade than others?

Answer: Actually, there are no pair or stock that are consistent good. One week Gold is good, second AUDUSD and third week is the EURUSD good. Therefor it is recommended to have many pairs/stocks open in Metatrader and see which one is working best that day.

2014-07-07 19-55-11
An example of a signal at Gold. It is hard to be as accurate as that!


Question: I don’t really know how to install and set up Metatrader. Do you have a guide?

Answer: Yes we have a guide! Please click here to find it.



If you have a question that you think would look great on this page, please use our contact form and let us know!