Next sunday sales will end

For the first time ever we will stop new sales of BinarySweetSpot 5 and BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader. This is the last chance for you to buy if you want the indicator without signing up with one of our trusted brokers. Next Sunday will be that last day to get hold of our software.

Why you may ask. Well, it has been a hard decision. It’s a combination of that we don’t want your money and that we don’t want to give it away for free. Sure, if you are a hardcore trader you easily earn back the initial sum that you payed us but there are so many of you that don’t want to pay a fortune on a software that you actually don’t know yet if it works. The best compromise is that we guide you to a broker that doesn’t scam you and pay you even if you earn more than you deposit. And as long as you are using that great broker you will have free access to our indicator BinarySweetSpot 5. If you are interested in our EA BinarySweetSpot AutoTrader, the only way to get that is to sign up with GDMfx. Ok, if you already have an account you can buy it but only after we have checked that you have a live account with GDMfx.

If you are interested to be one of the last that get hold of BinarySweetSpot 5 without time limitation and / or want to buy the AutoTrader, please hurry up and make your purchase in our shop.


If you trust one (or more) of the recommended brokers, please click on banner below. You will get the software as soon as we can confirm your new account.

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